The Dollar Life Plan


How can I instantly become the hero of my family?

Non-US Dollar based economies are especially hard hit when their local currency weakens against the US Dollar.

By purchasing offshore US Dollar life cover, you can instantly become your family’s hero because you are providing US Dollar offshore wealth for your loved ones when you pass on.

Until Zing World, securing US Dollar cover has been costly and cumbersome and only something the Affluent could really afford to do.

You can easily estimate how much life cover your require by clicking on the button below:

Zing Digital Cash

Zing Digital Cash (“ZDC”) is a digital tokenised form of cash that will allow you to buy US Dollar Life Cover.

One can buy a ZDC token at most retailers in South Africa.

Each ZDC token will always equal 1 US Dollar.

Armed with ZDC token, customers can pay for their US life cover.

Download the app from either of the app stores.

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Life Cover*

- Start with as little as $500 of life cover and take up to $250,000.

- No physical medical checks are required.

- You can do this all online.

- Efficient claims process that pays out in Digital Dollars giving you the opportunity to process an instant refund into any bank account globally.

*T&C apply

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